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Version: v0.8 beta
Users: 13
New users: 0
Free teams: 2202
Users online: 0
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Game overview

You will be in control of your team in all games! It is LIVE! Call a timeout, inspire your players, make substitutions, defensive orders against competetive team players and much more!

Players have different attributes, which you can train. Each position has its own required skills and it is up to you to maximize their potential.

Training your players is the key long term goal. Develop the next Michael Jordan or LeBron James!

Finances are one of the most important parts in the game. Spend your money wisely.

Leagues are structured into 16 teams. Every season 2 teams gets promoted into the higher class division.

You can compare teams and players to analyze who is better at doing what. Analyze your next opponent to prepare match tactics.

Online Basketball Manager

Onball.net is the online basketball manager game. It is the only basketball simulator, which features real time game simulation, with the ability to influence the game flow by changing players and tactics. It has a very detail game engine with every single pass, position and whistle affecting the gameplay. It is also economic manager, as it gets more and more difficult to stay on the edge when climbing up to the top leagues.

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Name Teams Users
Lietuvos krepšinio lyga 640 11
Rest of the world 640 14
Latvia league 640 0
USA league 209 0
Poland league 64 1
Estonia league 16 0
Russia league 16 0


  • Control your team throughout the game and see everything live!
  • Browser based game, no software needed
  • International, available in your country
  • Responds to managerial skills and input
  • Responds to basketball knowledge
  • Be the boss of the basketball team
  • Train your players
  • Develop the next superstar from the youth team
  • Be the coach - assign orders to every player
  • Show your trading skills to get competetive edge
  • Expand the arena and attract more sponsors
  • It is free!

TOP teams

# Name Fame League
1 Computer Team #932 32440 Russia league
2 Computer Team #930 23752 Estonia league
3 Computer Team #946 23547 Russia league
4 Computer Team #945 23310 Russia league
5 Computer Team #929 20093 Estonia league
6 Computer Team #944 19296 Russia league
7 Computer Team #928 18846 Estonia league
8 Computer Team #943 18698 Russia league
9 Computer Team #927 18177 Estonia league
10 Computer Team #942 18006 Russia league
11 Computer Team #938 17553 Russia league
12 Computer Team #926 17419 Estonia league
13 Computer Team #941 17360 Russia league
14 Computer Team #940 16829 Russia league
15 Computer Team #925 16750 Estonia league
16 Computer Team #924 16349 Estonia league
17 Computer Team #939 16205 Russia league
18 Computer Team #923 15904 Estonia league
19 Computer Team #937 15536 Russia league
20 Computer Team #936 15353 Russia league
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